Super-long intro. Grab a tea and here’s a little more about me.

The freelance wasteland. Where only the most resilient chance survival.

By now, it’s bleeding obvious ‘Rockatansky’ has some link to cars. Close. The name comes from the movie, Mad Max. ‘Rockatansky’ is Max’s surname. Max, Mel, THE ROAD WARRIOR. He wandered off alone. So did I. Twins, right?

Ok, my story:

Somewhat uniquely, I've sat on both sides of the creative fence - agency and client side. Yup, creatives like me truly do exist. This means I:

  • Understand the art of growing loyalty

  • Get the need for speed

  • Am a stickler for quality.

And I also recognise that advertising is just one ball in the business juggle.

In adland, I've worked on many of Australia’s biggest brands under some of the world's thoroughbred creative leaders at digs like The MonkeysSaatchi & Saatchi, JWT, Innocean and DDB. Brands for banks, cars, insurance, shampoo, fashion, irritable bowel syndrome medications, anti domestic violence, chewing gum, chocolate, hand cream, thrush cream, and more. Along the way, picking up gongs from Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Clio and AWARD (all this while cutting donuts in the top 10 Campaign Brief Best Creatives in Australia rankings).

Client-side, I created and managed a new brand for a racing series in the world of motorsport. Within 12 months, it grew to become the premier category within that series in Australia (we’re talking 25% more bums on seats in Sydney, alone). This was a role that basically meant doing it all (get ready for a list):

  • Marketing strategies

  • Writing

  • Media negotiation

  • Online content

  • Creative direction

  • Sponsorship

  • Social media

  • Live streaming art direction

  • Production

  • Live event management

    Free-to-air television shows

  • Throw in the concurrent rebranding of a major construction company and I can attest to their actually being 27 hours in a day.

It’s this rather rare perspective and insight that allows me to fine-tune the advertising communications of a business from not only a creative point of view, but with a solid understanding of the needs of a brand from the inside.

Because at the end of the day, in this maelstrom they call advertising, you've got to be fast without fear. Foot down. Clutch out. Branding burnouts that’ll smoke your competitors faster than four teenagers sharing a joint.

Need a brand warrior?