It’s you.

And it’s nice when a brand thinks this way about you, too, isn't it?

End of the day, we all enjoy feeling special and adored and appreciated.

If a brand can make someone feel like they’re the most important person on the planet at that moment of interaction, you’ve won a fan for life.

A fantastic example of this happened at the recent Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix.

You want a lesson in making someone feel special, take note of the Ferrari F1. Kimi Raikkonen crashes out on turn one. Cut to distraught kid in the stands. Then before the race has even ended, cut to the kid, in the corporate area, with Kimi (the Iceman), grabbing a new hat and selfies. Big smiles.

All happened faster than a...well, you know.

No time for a meeting to discuss the project and potential ramifications. No elevation of approvals up through middle management. Just pure instinct from someone who listened to their gut, joined the dots and jumped on this little snippet of pure human emotion. And boy, did it get shared around the globe, probably more times than anything this week (and let's not forget the real hero: the cameraman; they should throw him a new Ferrari).

That kid felt special. We felt wonderful as witnesses. Job done. Ferrari, you're the nice guys.

Of course, a brand needn’t to go to this intricate level to replicate this feeling. There aredegrees. From a barista greeting you by name each morning, to opening a new Apple product (enjoying the quality tactile surfaces of the packaging). For those moments the spotlight shines upon us.

Rocket science, it’s not. Common sense, it is.

Works the same way in our relationships with each other. Little acts of love collated over time grow our connections, making those who are important to us feel wanted and adored.

Constant reminders that we mean something to someone or something else.

Here’s a little video montage of the little Ferrari fan.