COPYPALOOZA - rocking it at the CopyCon18 Copywriting conference

A flock of freelancing badass bitches and mofos converged harbour-side in Sydney, recently, for one of the greatest copywriting extravaganzas the world has ever seen.

They call it CopyCon. Part conference, big part glam rock concert for branding scribes.

Words, wisdom and a wet T-shirt contest (someone spilled chardonnay on themselves).

It’s a chance to soak-up the super powers of some very talented key speakers as they bestow nuggets of small business genius upon adoring wordsmith groupies as they nibble on gingerbread. This is the stellar line-up you missed out on seeing at CopyCon18:

Kate Toon blasts onto stage as the charismatic front-woman with a Mick Jaggerish swagger. Who needs pyrotechnics when you’ve got Powerpoint! She sets the vibe with her back catalogue repertoire, pulling out such classics as: Year 4 and Year 8 of her business journey.

Exeter enters next. Kelly. K-Dub. Ice cream dreams. The crowd drools as she raps about boring vanilla writing and how her thang is funky chocolate. 

Suddenly, the video screen blips to life, and BOOM! LIVE from the US of A is Joanna Weibe smashing out her secrets to conversion writing. Always a treat to have an international act along for the ride.

Intermission. Who needs cocaine when you have lines of Portuguese tarts. 

Buzzing from our sugar high, Dave Eddy Vedder was next to take to the stage, smashing out some diddys about Artificial Intelligence - that stuff ain't scary.

Jane Tweedy then channeled her inner Janis Joplin to fire out the good message about supercharging your small business - and how good Pineapple Lumps are over in NZ.

Then the man in the bag or fruit, Nathan Seppelt, moseyed into the spotlight and laid the smack-down about all things SEOMG (at this stage, underwear was thrown at the stage)

Lunch. Chicken, bitches. 

T-gan Ang then softened the mood with a glorious acoustical set, opening her soul to us all. Peace, sister.

Breaking the tranquility, the ad-man, Chris Moriarty then power-chorded his way through the journey of the big idea - it's the finaaaal countdowwwwwwwwn.

Xero to Hero was up next. Lead by the scintillating Marina Holmes, who rapped about everything content strat. Sultry.

Intermission. Donuts, bitches.

Like a meteor hitting atmosphere, the G-Man, Robert Gerrish, slid onto stage, smoother than Tom Cruise in socks in Risky Business. Problem clients? “I’ll pop a cap in their ass.” 

Media messiah, Natasha David rocked on next, blowing our minds with how to get into the minds of journos. The crowd was moshing.

Then things went all folk music, as Cherie Clonan slid centre stage, looking all sugar and spice and everything nice, but SLAMMED our heads with mind-bending social media mayhem (it’s the quiet ones you have to watch).

For the finale, we were treated to a duet, from Kate Toon and da-Godfather of scroll: Glenn Murray, mediated by the hostess with the mostest, Katherine Elizabeth (yes, two first names, right there). Oh, the harmonies were sizzling enough to melt your ankles. There was so much laughing, that basically, no one really knows what they spoke about at all.

And, just like that, the house lights went up, the band members took a bow, the crowd took selfies, and it was off to an after party of debauchery and a chance to hang with Amanda Van Halen.