Advertising is just like an engine. Countless moving parts required to work as one...to work. When it comes to tinkering with a brand, Rockatansky partners with trusted, reliable specialists. Here are some of the talented brands and people I go-to, to get things done, and done right.


Run by the ultra versatile Gavin Skene, Blackjack Company is a definite go-to for everything from photography to design, to art direction, logos - even motor racing car liveries. He's a magician. Jack of all trades, master of all...seriously. It's the calibre of Gavin's creations (and the ease of working alongside him) that gives me the confidence to partner with Blackjack Company time and time again.


Mark Sterne is a retouching genius. I'm sure he sleeps with his Wacom pen (he can actually spin it on his thumb - it's quite mesmerising to watch). I worked alongside Mark for many years at Saatchi & Saatchi and know that any image will always be better for him having worked on it. Check out some of his brilliant work at Sterne.


Clever Copywriting Schoolrun by the wonderfully talented and effervescent Kate Toon. It's an incredibly inclusive community of freelancers, and my go-to for additional writing support.